The Paynes (season 1)

This is a spin off of the TV show House of Payne. Curtis and Ella Payne try to enjoy their retirement in Florida. But one bad real estate buying makes their life not the fairy tale that they have dreamed about.

Bite Club (season 1)

In the center of events of this crime thriller are two Australian officers of the law who do not have the best luck. And that is why at first each of them has been tasted by a real shark, the one that has teeth in several rows, according to oceanographers. They together were on duty the day of the accident, or misfortune befell them separately. It is not clear, but the fact took place. At work, they have real troubles. The heroes were ordered to pick themselves up and catch one terrible villain. The guys set to work. As a result the criminal staged a hunt for the detectives.

Marvel Rising: Initiation (season 1)

Spider-woman Gwen Stacy is accused of the murder of a friend. To find and stop her, young heroes are handling things. Ms. marvel, Squirrel Girl, Patriot and Daisy Johnson.

Star Wars Resistance (season 1)

Each episode of the animated series tells a story about our heroes and their enemies, and all built together in one single story line allowing the audience to not fall out of the moving action. The main characters are Jedi, and they are the Goodies, along with the clones, ready to cross its swords with the Confederation that is forming a powerful system for the whole space Galaxy.

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots (season 5)

At the center of the show is life of rich and powerful family of the judge Jim Cryer. Every inhabitant of the luxury mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has been doing double life for a long time. His spouse Katheryn looks like the paragon of virtue, she ready for everything to protect her family. Daughter and son is not so decent too. The only person in the house who lives under the precepts of God is African American housemaid Hanna Young. And her daughter Candace dreams about wealth and think her acquaintance with the Cryer family is a chance to make a life for herself.

Wynonna Earp (season 3)

This series is screen adaptation of an American comic by IDW. It tells about incredible adventures of Wynonna Earp, a young hunter for demons and other scum. Somebody has big money, somebody has a great talent, but our heroine has a big gun killing demons, monsters and others. She is a great-granddaughter of legendary sheriff Wyatt Earp who become a national hero of America thanks to his amazing achievements.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (season 3)

Detective of London Homicide Unit Harry Clayton is a total loser. It is about everything that he touches and whatever he is related to. The cases he investigates are stalled. At work there are incomprehensible intrigues around Clayton. In his private life there is a real mess. Being a gambler the protagonist is dealing with massive debts. Now his creditor requires to get the money back in a short time. On one day Harry meets a mysterious girl who pointed him a number out that he has to bet.

Impractical Jokers (season 7)

Four friends shoot an unexpected prank show, playing not random audience, but each other. Passers-by, cafe visitors and shoppers laugh with laughter at what the heroes have to go to not receive punishment, an even more absurd test in return for the previous one.

Queen of the South (season 3)

Teresa leaves Mexico after her friend, drug dealer, has been killed. Settled in Spain she seeks to become the most powerful drug trafficker in the country and to avenge the death of her lover.

Shooter (season 3)

At the center of the plot of this TV series is a professional sniper named Bob Lee Swagger who had been serving at the American army for many years. But after the death of Bobbys friend and sidekick during a secret operation he once and for all decided to stop with service and now he lives a quiet life. But one day the past reminds about itself. The retired soldier is asked for help to the secret service. They tell him an attack to the head of the state is getting prepared. And he is one of the few who can help.

Detroiters (season 2)

Advertising is the engine of trade. This is that is absolutely not interesting for the main heroes named Tim and Sam. The guys have worked in advertising business for all their life, and they can tell anybody how things are in this niche. The two have been friends for many years they got in various troubles and always helped each other. And now their life is not so stable. As before they make cheap and foolish commercials and advertising campaigns having not enough money and long-term orders.

Disenchantment (season 1)

The actions of this fantasy comedy for adults from author of the Simpsons develop in a seedy kingdom of Dreamland where young and wicked drinker princess Bean lives. There are also her private demon Luci and evil companion, grumpy elf Elfo. Traveling around the country the three meet on their way ogres, fairies, harpies, devils, trolls, sea monsters and myriad ordinary fools.

Trial & Error (season 2)

This is a new American comedy show with elements of drama and a detective story. It will tell you an interesting story of judicial proceedings, crimes and justice. The show is shot in the style of a light travesty of criminal documentaries. At the center of events is a budding young lawyer from New York named Josh. He goes to a small South town, so he can work on his first big case. What is his mission?

Snowfall (season 2)

This TV show is a new project of FX channel. It will tell the story of three guys whose lives will cross during the beginning of the cocaine fever that will soon flood the whole city of Los Angeles. At the center of the plot is the common story of three heroes. In the late 1970s the cops did not really pay attention to the local drug dealers. Small marijuana sellers never made big troubles to the police.

Empire (season 5)

The story about the head of the musical Empire, who learns that he is terminally ill, and he has only three years to live. He wants his Empire continue to live after him, and therefore he decides to choose an heir. His three sons and ex-wife begin to fight for the throne.

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