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At the center of the fantasy dramatic show based on the same name novel by Neil Gaiman is Shadow Moon, a man who has not very pleasant past. After a robbery, Shadow gets behind bars where he spends several years. Once in prison he finds he does not want to be a criminal more, and now the only thing he desires is quiet and peaceful life with his wife. But fate has other plans. One day before he gets out of jail he learns his wife is dead, it shocks him. But the protagonists does not have an idea that this is only the beginning of his new life. Coming back home Shadow Moon meets a strange man whose name is Wednesday. While talking to Wednesday, Shadow realizes this man knows about him much more than anyone.

Other seasons of this show:

American Gods (season 2)

See also

Trauma (season 1)
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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S01E01 - The Bone Orchard

Episode 2       not downloaded
S01E02 - The Secret of Spoons

Episode 3       not downloaded
S01E03 - Head Full of Snow

Episode 4       not downloaded
S01E04 - Git Gone

Episode 5       not downloaded
S01E05 - Lemon Scented You

Episode 6       not downloaded
S01E06 - A Murder of Gods

Episode 7       not downloaded
S01E07 - A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

Episode 8       not downloaded
S01E08 - Come to Jesus